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8 June 2021, 6:46 am · 2-min read. A TikToker has gone viral after sharing his shock find of a "group of creepy men in a circle" on Google Earth. Jason Cline posted the video, which has.
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Japanese B5N2 Kate torpedo bombers sank the USS Utah during the Pearl Harbor attack on Dec. 7, 1941. The attack killed 64 crewmen, 58 of whom were entombed in the ship when it capsized, according.

If you want to find these ladies, then pop these coordinates into Google Maps: Lat, Long: 4.610516,-74.076993 For all the latest weird and wonderful things on Google Maps and Google Earth, stick.
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  • Liminal Earth (originally Liminal Seattle) is a curated map maintained by the Society for Liminal Cartography. The SLC cannot officially guarantee the veracity of the accounts noted hereon, but encourage exploration and investigation. We welcome submissions from from denizens of all realms. Email us if you have any questions: [email protected]earth
  • Google Earth has proven that Satellites can grab the smallest of moments and store them for anyone with the Internet to explore. www.thetravel.com. ... In a strange turn of events, the coordinates "34°41'19.4"N 139°26'13.9"E" bring us to a harbor of sorts in Tokyo, Japan, where a clearly visible ship lies beneath the surface. ...
  • The Sun. THIS flaming "Door to Hell" in the middle of the desert has left Google Earth users baffled — and somewhat alarmed. The blazing red crater is prominent on the map — but, until now ...