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You have been warned, reader discretion is advised. Also, there will be a few scenes where the characters are texting. If the emojis don't show up on your devices please let me know, I will make the needed edits. ═══════•°• ️🖤 ️ •°•═══════.
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Be it male or female reader , you are the 4th employee to be hired by the over energetic (and full of himself) Blitz ø. Assassinations aside, there's always time for a little romance outside office hours. Fair warning, this book will contain NSFW. I'm still a novice at writing mature content, so feedback and tips are greatly appreciated.

Barbie Wire (twin sister) Cash Buckzo (estranged father) Unnamed mother Friends Moxxie (co-worker) Millie (co-worker) Loona (receptionist) Millie's parents Romantic interests Verosika Mayday (ex-girlfriend) Enemies Fizzarolli (former co-worker/best friend) Robo Fizz (former co-worker) Striker Verosika Mayday (rival) Verosika's posse.
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  • Blitzo said, leading me into the meeting room. I looked around the room and saw two girls, one was an imp like moxxie and one was a hell hound who was already giving me a dirty look like she didn't want me here and wanted to kill me. Now that I got a closer look at her, she looks familiar. "Millie, Loona, this here is (y/n)." Blitzo.
  • roku usb media player alternative. 🧡 Kenny McCormick x Reader Oneshot I will be your eyes and ears anywhere 🐀 "Your target is fifteen meters away from you" "Got it" Mysterion was walking down a deserted alley to grab members of a criminal gang who were supposed to meet in a building nearby. The only person who knew about his plans was you. Hazbin Hotel Helluva Boss Blitzo Moxxie Hallween ...
  • Blitzo X Reader. September 17, 2020 Arishy . Reader | Fanfiction Fantasy Romance. It's about you going to work at a new Job at IMP while meeting your favorite co-workers. But what you didnt know what you started to fall in love with Blitzø everytime you meet him every time you worked.
  • In a particularly violent scene, multiple animals and a lumberjack slaughter each other in bloody and gruesome ways. It is intended solely for shock value. The show is all about Demons being hired to take out the living on earth. There are multiple scenes of people getting stabbed, shot, crushed, ripped to pieces, etc.